A Spring Chill

DSCN9956 (2)

Harbour entrance this morning

DSCN9965 (2)

Plenty of Puffins around, they don’t mind a bit of rain, sleet or hail


Water off a ducks’ back


Friday 29th April comments: We are now fast approaching May and the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Overnight we have had strong winds and heavy rain, even the mice have moved back in the buildings for the warmth of the fire.  Today hasn’t been much better with horizontal rain and hail showers, no surprise we didn’t have any visitor boats with the sea conditions poor and snow over the hills on the mainland.

All the seabirds are hardy and can cope with this cold wet weather, it’s literally water off a ducks back!! The Eiders will sit tight and let the water run off them as they keep their eggs warm underneath, those that haven’t yet are still getting the attention of the males even in the hail.

Puffins were a little muddy this morning but nothing that they can’t deal with and the Shag chicks are still at the small stage where they can all fit nice and snug under the brooding adult keeping warm.

There was a break in the weather this afternoon which meant we could venture out and see the island without rain in our faces.  There have been a few migrants that have dropped in, our first Whitethroat of the season along with Robins, thrushes including eight Ring Ouzels.  We also had the first Tern sighting of the season, with two Sandwich Terns circling the island briefly before heading north; they must be wondering why they have headed from the sunny shores of west Africa.

Good news is the weather is looking better for tomorrow and we expect boats for the weekend. Bring on the spring!

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