May in The Forth be With You

Little 2 (downsized)

What is going on? Adult Little Gull in a Kittiwake nest!

Little Gull 1 (down sized)

Stunning bird


Firecrest 1 (BO)

Firecrest discovered near Low light bushes (Bex Outram)

Firecrest 2 (BO)

Stripes away! (Bex Outram)

Wednesday 4th May comments: Another excellent day on the May as the island produced two noticeable arrivals in the form of a Firecrest and a Little Gull. For the third consecutive year the islands welcomed a Firecrest, a bird more associated with southern England but a very welcome addition to the island year-list.

On a more unusual note was the arrival of a summer-plumage Little Gull, a bird which normally occurs on passage during the autumn. However this is the spring (although we have had plenty of autumn weather recently) and the bird was found sitting in a Kittiwake nest. For a species which prefers marshes and wetlands, a cliff nest is very odd! However the bird did not linger and was gone within the hour of arriving.

The May attracts plenty of unusual birds (a House Sparrow yesterday was only the fifth in the past forty years!) and with easterly winds forecast at the weekend, we could be getting a few more unusual visitors. Stay tuned for more news…

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