Peckers 4

Mind the head…

Peckers 2

Stunning Arctic Tern have returned to nest on the May

Peckers 3

A great place to see them but bring a hat!

Saturday 7th May comments: It’s nearly time. Over the last seven days the world’s longest distant bird migrant has been seen over the Isle of May and within the next fortnight, our Arctic Terns will be settled and back nesting.

The birds have spent the winter in the seas around the pack-ice of the Antarctic (yes the Antarctic!) and over the last month or so having been heading north to their breeding grounds in the UK. The Isle of May supports a good population and later this month they should be on eggs.

What does that mean for our human visitors? Well its head pecking time! These birds will nest close to the footpaths and visitor centre (28 pairs actually nested on the visitor centre roof last year) and in defence will peck heads. So you have been warned. Bring on the fun!

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