May madness

Bluethroat 2

Stunning male Bluethroat present for second day

Bluethroat 1

No mistaking this individual

Citrine 2

The cracking Citrine Wagtail still with us

Pied Flycatcher

Young male Pied Flycatcher caught and ringed

Wednesday 11th May comments: It proved to be a day of consolidation as the wind increased but the majority of the migrant birds remained from the epic fall of yesterday.

The striking Citrine Wagtail was seen favouring the wet areas of the island whilst the Red-backed Shrike patrolled the top of the island. The stunning male Bluethroat enjoyed the area around Bishops cove whilst the Red-breasted Flycatcher remained loyal to the vegetable garden.

Amongst the newly arrived birds today included three Pied Flycatchers including a stunning young male but sadly there was no sign of yesterday’s Thrush Nightingale. It was another great day on the May and with the seas calming we should welcome visitors back to the island in the foreseeable future.

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