Isle of Magic

RB Shirke 3

The Red-backed Shrike was caught and ringed

Shirke in hands

But made sure it took some of Mark’s fingers as well


Plenty of migrants including this female Blackcap

team birding

Team waiting patiently; no trees so waiting for the birds to hop about the rocks

Friday 13th May comments: It’ll be an understatement if we said that we had had a reasonable week. Over the last four days the Isle of May has been capturing national birding headlines with a series of good birds which have arrived as a direct result of easterly winds.


Highlights this week have included the island 3rd ever Citrine Wagtail, 18th Thrush Nightingale, alongside Red-backed Shrike, red-breasted Flycatcher and two Bluethroats (male and female). On top of all this, we’ve had plenty of summer migrants from Wood Warbler to Pied Flycatchers, so certainly has been good times.

However the weather pattern is changing and the birds are clearing out which means we can now concentrate back on our seabirds because the head-peckers are here…the Arctic Terns are back!

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