Once in a Blue Moon



Not every weekend you get one…


Male Bluethroat caught and ringed


Tail just as impressive!


Thrush nightingale present all weekend

Sunday 15th May comments: Its not every weekend we get them, but this weekend’s been rather blue and things don’t get any more blue than a male Bluethroat. Impressively four different individuals have graced the islands in the last week (three males and a female) as they have been pushed off course due to the easterly weather front.


The good news is that these dainty chat-like birds will re-orientate as they head north to Scandinavia once they’ve fully fed and conditions allow them to carry on their journey. In the meantime, we’ve fully appreciated their presence and enjoyed every minute of watching these little gems.

Alongside these blue stunners, the Thrush Nightingale has remained in residence over the weekend as well as a handful of other migrating birds. It’s been a good spell for unusual migrants but our attentions will soon be back on the seabirds as the season continues…

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