Hats off…


First of many…Arctic Tern egg on Isle of May

A tern attachkl

Watch your heads…(please wear a hat!)


Impressive adult Arctic Tern

Saturday 21st May comments: We said it was coming and sure enough, yesterday morning the first Arctic Tern egg was discovered on the Isle of May. This is three days earlier than the average mean laying date in the last twenty years for the May and we hope the birds will have a good season.

Over the next few weeks we expect many more to be on eggs and with active habitat management we are hoping to encourage even more of these wonderful birds to nest. If anyone is visiting the Isle of May we now offer this advice; wear a hat!

Arctic Terns nest beside the pathways of the island and will peck anyone who gets to close and we do really mean peck (we’ve seen blood drawn on some people!). So you have been warned…the Terns are back.

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