Count down…

Gull 2

Counting begins

Gull 1

Counting the number of nests (not the plastic…)

Gull 4

First chicks hatching

Gull 3

The downside to counting in a Gull colony…

Tuesday 24th May comments: Its count season. Today marked the start of our population counting on the Isle of May as we are counting all our nesting seabirds from Eiders to Guillemots and everything in between. Over the next three weeks, the team will be out counting to see if our populations are up, down are just plain happy!


Due to the scale of the job, we only count our nesting Eiders and large Gulls every two years and this year is one of those years. So today we headed to the north of the Island, onto the area known as Rona and started counting the Gulls.

It’ll be a few weeks before we establish what is happening with the populations but until then, enjoy the photos whilst we enjoy (maybe not) being pooed on from up above. The counting season is here and we’ll have some tired legs at the end of it all…

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