Puffin chicks!

puuin 100

Hungry mouths to feed now!

Puffin 4

Puffin chicks have hatched!

Puffins 9

No time for sitting around now!

Wednesday 25th May comments: Its been coming. The first Puffins eggs were discovered on 20th April and bang on cue, we now have chicks! After 40 days of incubation the first chicks have hatched although in only a few nests.


However over the next few weeks, more and more will hatch and by mid-June, the entire colony (46,200 pairs strong) should have chicks and then the adults will mean business. As the hungry chicks need feeding the adults will be bombing backwards and forwards with sandeels feeding hungry mouths and it’ll be a great time to see these wonderful birds.

So don’t miss out, book a trip out to the Isle of May, the Jewel of the Forth and one of the wonders of the nature.

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