Stand up and be counted!

Tuesday 31st May comments: Its been an epic seven days since we started counting our large Gull and Eider populations on the Isle of May. Today we finished the last of the major sections and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon the job will be complete.

To show you the scale of the job, the pedometer today showed that we had walked a total of 28km…and that was just today! The constant walking back and forth, weaving our way over the island counting all nests (and making sure we didn’t miss any) is certainly a mammoth task. However we’re happy so far and not long before we are complete and we’ll have our final population totals.

However the counting isn’t over. Tomorrow is the start of June and our attention will then focus on the cliffs as we’ve got all the cliff nesting seabirds to count. Its never ending…welcome to working with seabirds!

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