Seabird Month

photo 2

It’s Puffin month on the May…

photo 4

Not one…but lots


Puffins galore with chicks hatching across the island

Wednesday 1st June comments: Its flaming June (we hope) and this is the seabird month of all months. If you are interested, keen or just curious about seabirds or islands, I would recommend you visit a colony near you…The Isle of May supports the largest Puffin colony down the east coast of the UK, so it’s not a bad place to start!

The island will be buzzing with life as Puffins will be feeding hungry young (hatching has already started) and the views of Puffins will be unforgettable. Elsewhere on the island, the cliffs are home to thousands of Guillemots, Razorbills, Shags and Kittiwakes whilst on the island top, the Arctic Terns will be keeping you company (watch your heads!).

It’s a brilliant month to visit this seabird city and boats sail daily (weather dependant) so don’t delay, book today! You’ll not be disappointed…

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