The May in June

Hatching Eider

Eider chicks hatching across the island

Guillemot chick

Guillemot chicks on the clifftops

Razor chick

Our first Razorbill chicks are hatching

Painted Lady

Painted lady butterflies on the move

Saturday 4th June comments: The month of June is certainly a very exciting time to visit the Isle of May and if you need any further proof, just check out the photos above. All across the island new life is appearing as chicks are hatching from eggs.

Guillemot chicks are starting to appear in number on the clifftops with the first Razorbill chicks also hatching. Eider broods are appearing in good numbers on the islands Loch whilst the first Pufflings have now hatched. Over the next eight weeks, the seabirds will be full of busy feeding hungry mouths and we well recommend a visit.

It’s not just seabirds either, as Bottle-nosed Dolphins and Minke Whales have been seen recently and Painted Lady butterflies (migrating from Africa!) are also on the move. It’s certainly the place to be at this moment and what will we see next?

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