Things that go bump in the night…

Storm Petrel

Storm petrel caught and ringed late last night (Margaret Thorne)


Storm Petrel 2

In the hand….a Storm Petrel (Margaret Thorne)

Thursday 9th June comments: Seabirds, seals, wildlife…the Isle of May has it all and despite working on North Sea islands for the last sixteen years, I can still be surprised by what happens and what turns up.

Late last night Isle of May starlets Margaret and David Thorne attempted to catch Storm Petrels using tape lures during the hours of darkness and (against the odds) were successful in catching one. Although these small nocturnal oceanic wanderers do not breed on here (the closest breeding colony is Shetland) birds do move down the east coast.

During August-September good numbers are caught on east coast islands and headlands but rarely at this time of year. The reason being is that most birds will be on breeding grounds settling down to nest. So it now raises the question; what was a bird doing down here responding to tape lures in mid-June….

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