1 Hatching (Viv)

Life from an Arctic Tern egg just hatching…(Viv Hastie)

2 Newly hatched (viv)

Welcome to the world (Viv Hastie)


In eight weeks this chick will be flying to the other side of the world


You can’t see me….

Sunday 19th June comments: New life. Over the past week our first Arctic Tern chicks have started hatching as small bundles of fluff have started appearing in the tern colonies. Proud parents are now busy flying back and forth from the nearby open sea bringing the vital food source that the chicks will depend on; sand-eels.


Over the next two months we hope good numbers of chicks will hatch and then go onto fledge before departing the May in early August. Then the fun really begins. These small bundles of fluff will follow their parents to the other side of the world to winter off the pack-ice of the Antarctic; a bewildering journey which will take them many thousands of miles.

However its a journey repeated annually and successfully and we hope to see these chicks back on the May in future years as breeding adults. Nature never ceases to amaze and these magical birds are just another part of the wonderful May.

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