Go Eiders Go!

Eider nesting Rona

Nesting Eider on the May

Hatching Eider

hatching Eider ducklings

Eider ducklings 2

On the move…

Eider ducklings leaving

And away! On the open sea heading west.

Tuesday 21st June comments: Its that time of year…Eider ducklings are on the march. Over the last few weeks Eider ducklings have been hatching across the Isle of May and gradually leaving for the nearby coastline.

Eider ducks are fabulous mothers, as successful females will troop their newly hatched young away from the nest to the loch in the centre of the island (within 24 hours of hatching). Once there, birds will crèche as non-breeding females, failed breeders and all other mothers will group together to care for their young.

Then after a few days, its time to leave. The mothers and ducklings will take for the open sea and head west for the relative safety of the nearby coastline. At just a few days old, the ducklings will paddle across six miles of sea but will remain with their mothers until old enough to look after themselves.

Its an eventful start to life for the small bundles of fluff but it’s one which is repeated year-after-year. We’ll start seeing a decrease in Eider numbers from now and its good to have seen so many nesting on the island. See you next year Eider ducks!

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