Time flys…

Fledger Arctic Tern

Young Arctic Tern chick on the wing

A Tern 3

Stunning adult Arctic Tern

Monday 4th July comments: How time flys! It doesn’t seem long ago that we were reporting the first hatching Arctic Tern chicks on the island and today we have our first fledgling. The young bird took to the wing for the first time and despite crash landing, recovered to have another go.


It’s an exciting time of year on the island as a lot of our young birds are now getting ready to practice flying and its a sense of job nearly done. Over the next 5-6 weeks we’ll see huge numbers of young fledging before eventually departing the Isle of May for the winter.

However we still have a long way to go and look forward to reporting more successes as the month progresses. Following news of our Shag and Kittiwake population declines, we have better news to report from other species but more on that later…

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