Tern Time

Tern 1

Young Arctic Tern begging for food

tern 2

Success! Meal time

Tern 3

Ready to fly

Tern 4

Wing stretch and the youngsters are ready

Thursday 7th July comments: It maybe a matter of just a few days since the first fledgling Arctic Tern was on the wing but more and more have joined that pioneer. Its great to see so many young Terns flying and over the next few weeks we’ll hopefully be heading towards a successful season.

Its hard to believe that these birds will be flying to the southern hemisphere but during the autumn they’ll follow their parents south and will be feeding off the pack-ice of the Antarctic by November.

Until then, we’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of these magical sea swallows whilst they raise chicks on the island before we wave them goodbye for another season. Its a magical time to visit the May so what’s keeping you?

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