Young Birders Week

1 Team

The Young Birders Team of 2016

2 Mark shag ringing

Mark explaining the importance of Shag ringing

3 puffin searching

All together now….reaching for Puffins in burrows

4 tern boxes

For the future; tern boxes constructed ready for next season

Monday 11th July comments: Over the last seven days the Isle of May Bird Observatory have been helping run and organise a ‘Young Birders course’ aimed at people between the age of 16-25.

The joint venture (now in its third year) between the Bird Observatory, the SOC (Scottish Ornithologists’ Club), CEH (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology) and SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage) allows the group of six the chance to see the workings of the Observatory and everything that happens on this important National Nature Reserve.

The team participated in all aspects of the island helping in various tasks from Puffin ringing to nest observation work, from Tern ringing to nocturnal Storm Petrel ringing (and everything in between). It was a very successful week and everyone will take away some great memories whilst contributing to important work of the May.

Thanks go to team leaders Mark, Stuart and Alison as well as the entire team on the May for all the hard work in making it a successful week.

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