Sad Whale

1 Sperm Whale

A sad end to an impressive beast

3 Sperm Whale

Dead Sperm Whale off the Isle of May

2 Sperm wehale

Giant of the sea

Friday 15th July comments: A sad end for a giant of the sea. Yesterday a dead floating Whale Spp was sighted off the island approximately two miles east of the May but due to heat haze and distance, could not be identified.

Much to our surprise, the animal was rediscovered today, closer to the island (approximately one mile out) and we decided to take a closer look. On arrival it was evident it was a young Sperm Whale, approximately 12m in length. The shear size was brought home as it dwarfed the RIB we were in; what a beast!

Its a sad end for such an impressive animal and we would have enjoyed the experience much more if we had of seen it alive. It follows a series of Sperm Whale deaths in the North Sea in the spring and the cause of death is unknown. We’ll keep you posted with further news as it possibly may beach itself on the island…

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