Whale Woes

4 Sperm Whale (Mark Newell)

Dead male Sperm Whale beside Isle of May (Mark Newell)

5 Sperm Whale (Mark Newell)

Sad end to an impressive beast (Mark Newell)

6 Sperm Whale

Rich feeding for Gulls and Fulmars

Saturday 16th July comments: The Whale is no more. All day yesterday the young dead Sperm Whale drifted very slowly north past the Isle of May and by late evening was heading out to the open sea (thankfully not beaching on the island). With stiff westerly winds today, the animal will have been pushed further out into the North Sea and presumably will eventually sink (and be consumed by fish and crustaceans).

In the meantime it gave the nesting Fulmars and Gulls plenty to feed on whilst we looked on in amazement (touched with sadness) at this mighty beast of the sea. Sperm Whales are rare visitors to these shores and the last record involved an impressive 12 seen leaving the Firth of Forth (and passing the Isle of May) in April 2013.

Let’s hope the next time we encounter one of these beasts, it is alive and well and showing for all. We’ll certainly not forget the last few days but it has been a tinged with sadness at the death of an impressive sea monster.

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