Up and Off!

Puffins galore 3

Hugh numbers of Puffins still present…

Puffin chick everwhere

…but their chicks are on the move!

Tern chicks fledged

A good breeding season for the Terns

Kitt chick

Kittiwake chick (right) with its parent (left)

Seabird chick 3

Fluffballs! Fulmar chicks now hatched

Friday 29th July comments: It’s now that time of year when we start watching the seabirds as the breeding season starts to come to an end. Over the next 3-4 weeks we’ll see the Isle of May transform as the seabird city will become nothing but a hamlet as our summer breeders will be heading to wintering grounds far and wide.

Under the cover of darkness large numbers of Puffin chicks are on the move heading for the open sea and are being discovered in some unusual places including in our houses). However due to a delayed breeding season (a slow start due to poor weather) we should have birds around the island for at least the next couple of weeks.

The terns (Arctic and Common) continue to fledge young (it’s been a good breeding season) including our Sandwich Terns which have started fledgling young (the first breeding attempt since 2008). On the cliffs good numbers of Kittiwake young are fledging across the island, whilst family parties of Shags remain in the area. The majority of Razorbills and Guillemots have now departed having successful fledged young although small numbers remain.

As well as the seabirds, the main lighthouse will be open daily from 1st August so there is plenty to see during a visit. With boats sailing daily, the month of August is a great time to visit the Isle of May but check out the boat times and prices on the various websites below:

May Princess (Departs from Anstruther)                  http://www.isleofmayferry.com/

Osprey Rib (Departs from Anstruther)                      http://www.isleofmayboattrips.co.uk/

Seabird Rib    (Departs from North Berwick)                        https://seabird.org/visit/boats/isle-of-may-landings/10/22/159

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