Breeding Figures 2016

1 Arctic Tern (David Steel)

Breeding Tern numbers increased again

4 Eider pair

Over 1,100 pairs of Eider nested

2 razor

Record numbers of breeding Razorbills


3 Kitts

Worrying news about kittiwakes as numbers decline

Sunday 31st July comments: The dust has settled, the counts are in and numbers have been crunched. Over the last month we’ve been releasing the breeding seabird totals for each species from the Isle of May but today we reveal the complete list.

As usual it was a mixed pictured on the Isle of May with some species doing well and others not so well. The Terns responded to some positive habitat management (numbers increased and Sandwich Terns nested for first time in eight years). The Auks continue to increase with record levels of Razorbills, whilst Eiders increased on the previous count made in 2014.

However it was not all good news as Shags and Kittiwakes showed worrying declines whilst Fulmar numbers remained stable. Amongst the rarer species to nest, the Manx Shearwater returned to breed once again on the island, the only east coast breeding pair.

 Isle of May Breeding Figures 2016

Eider                            1,128 nesting females (975)

Shelduck                     4 pairs (4)


Manx Shearwater       1 pair (1)

Fulmar                         309 pairs (309)


Shag                            349 pairs (401)

Guillemot                  16,132 pairs (15,945)

Razorbill                     3,570 pairs (3,202)

Puffin                          46,200 pairs (not counted this year, next census 2018)


Common Tern           19 pairs (13)

Arctic Tern                  527 pairs (484)

Sandwich Tern            21 pairs (0)


Kittiwake                     2,912 pairs (3,433)

LBB Gull                       1,924 pairs (2,047)

Herring Gull                3,799 pairs (4,200)

GBB Gull                      72 pairs (53)

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