End of an Era

1 Carrie tegs Mike

Professor Mike Harris showing Tegan and Carrie the Guillemot plots

2 mark weighing chicks

Mark in action; ringing Guillemot chicks

4 sb

Sarah with a Puffin (a real rarity as she studies the Shag population on here!)


3 carrie olivia

Olivia and Carrie release adult Puffins


Tegan enjoying the season on the May


Its not all easy; Mark concentrating on the Guillemot plots (its difficult work following each one!)

Wednesday 3rd August comments: After yesterday’s farewells to our long-term volunteers, today brought even more goodbyes as the seabird breeding season draws to a close. The team from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology have been with us since mid-April and today departed the island for another year (where has time gone?)

The team have worked incredibly hard throughout the last three months (some have not had a break since starting in mid-April!!) monitoring and surveying our important seabird populations. And it really is the end of an era for Carrie who leaves for the last time having spent the past five years living and breathing the Isle of May. Carrie moves on to pastures new (more about that in a later blog post) and a few tears were shed on her departure.

Tegan also follows Carrie away from the Isle to start a new exciting job in September (with Carrie!) whilst the rest of the team will be back to laboratory studies in Edinburgh from tomorrow.

As ever a BIG thanks to Mark (in his twelfth year on the island), Carrie, Tegan, Sarah and Olivia amongst many others for making it another great summer. We’ll no doubt see you all again soon but until then enjoy the real world and may the Puffins be with you!

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