Stormy nights

Storm Petel (1)

Storm Petrel caught at night on the island

Storm Petel (2)

Up close to a Storm petrel

Saturday 6th August comments: Over the course of this week a number of Storm Petrels have been caught and ringed on the island following night time tape luring sessions. Under licence, a tape is played of Storm Petrel calls and the birds respond and fly into mist nets ready to be ringed and released.

A total of twenty-two birds have been caught and ringed in six sessions this week including some re-traps (birds already ringed from previous netting) at the Bird observatory on the island. Sessions usually last the entire duration of the night, starting just after 11pm and finishing at dawn at 4am (so tiring work!).

It’s a long night shift (the ringing sessions are led by David and Margaret Thorne) but you’ll agree from the photos, it’s totally worth seeing these small oceanic wanderers in the hand. With more ringing anticipated, we hope to catch a few more before the season is out.

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