Puffins Go Forth


Puffins leaving the Isle of May


Another success; Puffin chick leaving the May


The one and only

Sunday 7th August comments: As the wind blows (we are closed today due to strong westerly winds) we are celebrating our Puffins as another breeding season is coming to an end.

Over the last few days we’ve had huge numbers of Puffins depart the May for the open sea where they’ll stay until next March (yes they’ll not touch land for the next eight months). However its not all bad news as the late start to the breeding season in April has meant that some birds nested late. As a result, we still have Pufflins in burrows and parents actively feeding them, but be quick it won’t be long before they depart as well.


Overall it appears to have been a successful breeding season for Puffins and we’ll be sorry to see them go but in the knowledge that they’ll be back next Spring. So you have probably a week or so before they completely go…you have been warned.

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