Just the start…

Tern terrace

The newly constructed Tern terrace in spring


Ringed Sandwich tern chick

Sandwich tern chick2

Almost ready to go

Thursday 11th August comments: As mid-August approaches we start looking back at the success of the Isle of May and without doubt, the most noticeable success was the return of breeding Sandwich Terns in eight years. A total of 21 pairs nested, which might not seem much but in our eyes, it’s a great conservation success.

From these 21 pairs, a total of 14 chicks have been ringed and colour-marked to enable us to follow their future movements. The colony was enticed down by the provision of purpose built Tern terraces, which were constructed last autumn with sand and gravel.

These terraces replace rank vegetation, unsuitable for ground nesting Terns and this small change has meant so much (and produced a stunning success almost immediately). However the hard work does not stop there as we’ll be extending the current terraces this autumn as we hope to attract even more. It’s a conservation success and why we are in the business.

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