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Willow Warbler

Birds on the move…migration in action on the Isle of May


Open Doors weekend on 3rd-4th September (all buildings open!)

Seal Pup May 1

Seal weekend on 1st-2nd october

Saturday 13th August comments: As the seabird season draws to a close, many people ask, what’s next? The Isle of May offers so much at all times of the year and as we are still open daily until 2nd October, we have plenty on offer. Here are a few things to look forward to…

Bird Migration: As autumn approaches thousands of birds will utilise the May as a feeding station to fuel up as they head south for the winter. Everything from Warblers to Owls will be recorded during the next few exciting months and if the winds are in the right direction, we may just get a rarity or two.

Open Doors: A special events weekend is planned for Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September as we will be opening the doors to virtually all the buildings, including those often out of bounds for the public. Everything from the main lighthouse and old beacon to the engine rooms and the Low Lighthouse tower, it’ll be well worth a visit this weekend.

Seal weekend: The first Grey Seal pup will be born on the island from mid-September and with a further 2,400 pups born over the autumn we will have a lot to celebrate. Come and visit the island to get the chance to see the first of the pups and listen to the experts about the work carried out on them on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October.

It’s never dull on the Isle of May so book today, full details below:

May Princess (from Anstruther):

Osprey Rib (from Anstruther):

Seabird Rib (from North Berwick):

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