Autumn is here…

Citrine 2

remember the spring? Citrine Wagtail one of the stars!


Thrush Nightingale another spring star

Friday 19th August comments: As the easterly wind increases and the rain falls, rare and scarce migrant birds are back on the menu on the Isle of May. Having seen the last of the seabirds depart and looking forward to the start of the Grey Seal pupping season, we can expect a few things along the way before then.

The spring was excellent for the May as the records below prove and it hopefully won’t be long before we are shouting about some good birds for the autumn starting this weekend! Fingers crossed and get ready, its migration season!

Spring record from Isle of May

3rd record        Citrine Wagtail two previous records in autumn 1968 and 2014

7th record        House Sparrow (7 records in last 50 years involving 11 birds)

10th record      Subalpine Warbler (first-summer) first since 2007 and DNA testing underway

12th record      Leach’s Petrel (caught & ringed) first since 2011

13th record      Rustic Bunting (female) last recorded September 1999

16th record      Marsh Harrier (female) last recorded in 2013

18th record      Thrush Nightingale last recorded in May 2012

8          Bluethroats (6 males, 2 females)

5          Red-backed Shrikes (4 females, 1 male)

2          Red-breasted Flycatchers (both female-types)

2          Treecreeper (first since 2013)

1          Wryneck

1          Wood Warbler

1          Icterine Warbler

1          Firecrest

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