Bottle-nosed Dolphin fun (Ed Thomson)


Leaping for joy (Ed Thomson)


Spot the youngster… (Ed Thomson)


On the way…a Bottle-nosed Dolphin (Ed Thomson)

Tuesday 23rd August comments: What a show! This morning the visitor boat the May Princess was embarking on its usual run to the Isle of May (sailing from Anstruther) when it encounted a pod of Bottle-nosed Dolphins.


Top photographer and boat crewman Ed Thomson was on hand to capture the magic moment as the Dolphins (complete with at least one calf) swam alongside the boat and were seen breaching clear of the water on several occasions much to the delighted of the visitors and crew onboard.

Its not every day you get the opportunity to see these majestic animals and it just shows what a visit to the Isle of May can bring with a bit of luck. The seas around the island are rich in diversity and it’ll be interesting to see if we can re-find these Dolphins in the forthcoming weeks. We’ll keep you posted!

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