Welcome home


Top photo: Older sister Yolanda, Bottom mother with 8 day old Nicola (photos NLB)


Nicola revisiting ‘home’ and pointing to when she was a baby

Monday 29th August comments: At the weekend we had a very special visitor on the island, as Nicola Bruce returned to the island, the first time she had visited since her family lived on the May. The Bruce family moved to the Isle of May in 1971 as Eric Bruce became the supernumerary Lightkeeper for the island.

Later that year Nicola was born in Stonehaven hospital and returned to the May at just eight days old (and has the ‘isle of May’ on her birth certificate!) The photographs on the current interpretation panels in the lighthouse show Nicola on the day she arrived, being held by her mother whilst a second photo shows her older sister on the island.

It was great to meet up with Nicola and show her the lighthouse which the family once called home and hopefully she will return with her older sister in the future. Remember the special ‘Open Doors’ event takes place this weekend and you can gain access to all buildings, including the main lighthouse on both Saturday and Sunday.

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