Sightings Success

GBB Gull1 (Kris Gibb)

Fledged Great Black-backed Gull at Levan (seen & photographed by Kris Gibb)

Kittiwake (Richard Somers Cocks

Colour ringed adult Kittiwake at Findhorn Bay (Richard Somers Cocks)

Tuesday 30th August comments: The Isle of May is such an important place for wildlife with thousands of seabirds and Grey Seals making it their home (in some cases hundreds of thousands). The work that goes on here is vital to give us a better understanding of what is happening to our fragile marine ecosystem but it’s not just the teams work on here that are vital to improving our knowledge.

Birdwatchers, nature lovers and the general public are all willing helpers; finding ringed birds, tagged seals and colour-coded seabirds. This week alone we’ve had some great examples as Stephen Welch reported seeing one of our colour-ringed Sandwich Tern chicks at Seaton Shore along the Lothian coastline whilst Kris Gibb sighted one of our fledged colour-ringed Great Black-backed Gulls at Leven in Fife.

Further afield Richard Somers Cocks photographed another Sandwich Tern youngster at Findhorn Bay along the Moray coastline. More impressively Richard also photographed a colour-ringed Kittiwake at the same site, which will be heading north-west into the Atlantic (details supplied by Mark Newell at CEH).

So it’s all happening and it’s all part of the jigsaw. Thank you for this week sightings and look forward to plenty more, so if you are walking the beaches, just remember you can be contributing to science without even knowing it.

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