Wren Babies!


One of the adults supervising the young leaving their nest


One of the five hiding in the grass


A youngster still with its yellow gape


They still get fed after they have left the nest and hang around in a family party

Tuesday 6th September comments:  Yesterday we were lucky enough to see one of our Wren family parties leave their nest and explore their new world under the watchful eye of their parents.  It may seem quite late for these five to be raised but its a good time of year as there is an abundance of flies and caterpillars on the island at the moment.  For this pair it was their third brood of the season, the others having successfully hatched and fledged earlier in the year and all in the vicinity of Fluke Street.

Presumably this was the same pair that bred behind the cottages last year and after good breeding success, returned for another productive year.  Another pair has also successfully raised young down by the Low Light. 2015 was the first time Wrens had bred on the island since 1997 and hopefully they will continue to do so in years to come, especially after these last two very successful years.

It may seem like a harsh environment for one of Europe’s smallest birds to survive, but this stocky, hardy character has cleverly exploited a niche currently unoccupied by competition or land predators.  Furthermore, without direct competition from other Wrens and seemingly plenty of food, the future of the Wren on the May looks bright!

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