Eagle Down


Not today’s bird but just to give you some scale! (sadly no pictures of todays bird)


A juvenile from the east coast release program

Thursday 22nd September comments: It was proving to be a quiet day on the May today but all that changed with the discovery of a juvenile White-tailed Eagle on the north end of the island.

The monster bird (which can have a wing span of 8ft!) was mobbed as it moved down the west cliffs before returning to the north end. Having remained for a few hours it then eventually departed the island at 16:30 and was seen arriving on the Fife coast at Crail soon after.

Since these monsters were released as part of the Scottish east coast re-introductory programme, the island has claimed records in four years between 2007-2012. This was the first on the island since one flew over on 29th March 2012.

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