Day three and doing well


Our first Pup fit and well and putting on weight (Viv Hastie)


Mother keeping close by to protect her youngster

Wednesday 28th September comments: Day three and a check of our first Seal pup was encouraging as it had formed a bond with its mother and was putting on weight. As well as this first pup, we’ve got more pregnant females arriving by the day and soon we’ll have plenty more to shout about.

Over the next few months we’ll be bringing you news and photos from the colonies and also on the work which goes on out here during the autumn months. The Seals of the Isle of May are one of the most well studied and we’ll bring you the news and stories from the team who work tirelessly with them.


As for now, we’ve got one pup and its doing well. It is incredible to think that in 18 days this small pup will be completely independent and free to go to sea. Just another amazing aspect of the Grey Seal breeding biology! Remember this weekend is our special ‘Seal Weekend’ where we celebrate the seals of the island with experts on hand to chat about the work they do. So don’t miss out, book today!

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