Fat and healthy!


Five days old and putting on plenty of weight (Viv Hastie)


Suckling from mother (Viv Hastie)


Starting to explore the world (Viv Hastie)

Friday 30th September comments: It’s only been five days but already our first Grey Seal pup has been putting on tremendous weight as its grows strong and healthy, ready for the trials and tribulations of the North Sea.

The young pup has remained (as expected) in the same area with its attentive mother sticking close by, to ensure all is well. We’ve also got other exciting news as more and more females arrive and we’ve now got a second pup!

This weekend we are celebrating our Grey Seals with ‘Seal Weekend’ so why not come along to see them for yourself and to listen to the experts talk about the work that is done on the Isle of May. The wildlife of the May is spectacular and keep tuning into the blog as we’ll keep you up to date with all the news and views!

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