Crest Fallen


Goldcrests in their hundreds (Bex Outram)



Up close to a Goldcrest (Andy Denton)


Trapped and ringed Little Bunting

Friday 7th October comments: The fall of the crests. Like a stuck record each day recently has been virtually the same; low cloud, easterly wind and birds! Today we experienced a ‘fall’ (a big arrival) of a special visitor…Goldcrests.

The Goldcrest is Britain’s smallest bird (weighing the same as a 20p piece) and arrives from northern breeding grounds in Scandinavia to winter in the UK. These small waifs cross the North Sea and arrive on the first landfall; this time being the Isle of May. Almost 400 arrived today carpeting the island, their peep calls filling the air with excitement.

Most were feeding well and will hopefully continue their journey west towards the mainland in the forthcoming days. Amongst the other good scattering of birds included our lingering Raddes Warbler, at least five Yellow-browed Warblers, Firecrest and a ringed Little Bunting.

As we head into the weekend, it going to be exciting and we’ll bring you news of our Grey Seal pups as numbers have increased…more on that soon.

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