Bunting Boom



Double trouble…two Little Buntings together (Bex Outram)

Saturday 8th October comments: Without doubt the May has been dominated by one thing this week; migratory birds! Today it continued as the island was alive with Crests, warblers and thrushes once again.

Amongst the arrivals, the island boasted three Little Buntings today, a rare bird from the east. To see one is a privilege but three? (it has happened before on the island back in 1989 but it is still a rare event). Two birds were together for most of the day whilst yesterdays ringed bird favoured the South Plateau on the island.

Other noticeable birds included the lingering Raddes Warbler and at least seven Yellow-browed Warblers. At some stage we’ll find time to update you on the seal pups, but until then, enjoy the rare migrant birds it doesn’t happen every day…

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