Incredible journey…


Britain’s smallest bird; the Goldcrest


From Finland to the Isle of May


Stunning little bundles of joy!

Wednesday 12th October comments: Migration is an incredible thing as birds all over the world undertake mammoth journeys of mind boggling proportions. In the UK, up until recently, we relied heavily upon bird ringing (putting small metal rings on bird legs with unique identification codes) as an insight into migration patterns. A few days ago this produced an impressive report…

A young male Goldcrest was caught by those staying at the Isle of May Bird Observatory ( but very intriguingly the bird had a Finnish ring on its leg. After a bit of detection work the results are back with us and it is a staggering record.

The bird was ringed on an island called Säppi, which is located four miles off the west coast of mainland Finland, approximately 15 miles west of the city of Pori ( The young bird was ringed on 20th September by Jari Niemi and was subsequently caught here on the Isle of May on 10th October.

It is such an impressive movement as not only are Goldcrests the UK’s smallest bird (weighing the same as a 20p piece) but the island of Säppi is some 924 miles away from the Isle of May. It’s an impressive journey to undertake for any bird and the wonders of nature (and science) cannot be underestimated as it just shows where ‘our’ birds are travelling from.

Thank you to Jouni Tikkanen for making contact and forwarding the Finnish details of this remarkable discovery

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