Olive Branch


Eastern rare: Olive-backed Pipit on the May today


7th Isle of May Olive-backed Pipit record


Good numbers of Common Redpolls arriving


And plenty of other birds like this Siskin

Thursday 13th October comments: Those easterly winds continue (how long have they being going on for now?) and more and more birds arrive. Today witnessed another new pulse of birds, as yet more Goldcrests, Robins and Thrushes arrived from the east.

The island is carpeted with birds and amongst them some very unusual visitors; an Olive-backed Pipit was discovered today (only the islands seventh record) whilst an invasion of Common Redpolls brought 35 to the island. The ringed Little Bunting is still present with 3 Short-eared Owls keeping everything on their toes.

Its certainly been a purple patch for migrant birds on the May and with more easterlies we suspect more birds and no doubt more blog posts. Stay tuned…

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