Seal delight


Sleeping babies…


First few pups born beside the jetty


Island life is changing as the Seals take over


Sleep before the hard work of raising young begins


…and the Bulls have started to arrive…

Monday 17th October comments: The Grey Seal pupping season is well underway now with over 40 pups born across the island and this number is increasing on a daily basis. The first pups have now been born at the jetty, soon we’ll be closing it for access leaving just the far north island jetty open; such is life on the island and how the Seals take over.

As mothers tentatively raise young we’ve also seen an increase in the number of bull seals arriving. These bruisers, weighing in at 40 stone, will fight rival bulls for top sites on the colony as they protect a harem of females ready for mating later in the season.

It now feels a very different place as the Puffins and seabirds have given way to the monsters of the sea. We’ll keep you posted on all the drama of the colonies over the next few months and news of the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) who arrive next week to live and work on the island with the Seals…plenty going on!

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