Double Fin

Goldcrest (Bex)

Europe’s smallest bird; the Goldcrest (Bex bird; Outram)


Wednesday 19th October comments: Incredible. Last week we reported a Goldcrest which had been caught bearing a Finnish ring on its leg (1,000 miles away) and today we can report another.

A second Finnish ringed bird was caught last week by the visiting Notts Ringing Group who were staying at the Isle of May Bird Observatory( The team caught the bird and it transpires it comes from central southern Finland at a place called Toules, a further 150 east of where the first bird was originally ringed (so over 1,100 miles away).

It just shows the value of bird ringing and where the birds were coming from on the Isle of May following those easterly winds. Its a great story and an incredible journey as these birds, only 5 grams in weight have travelled over 1,100 miles and still have some way to go before reaching wintering grounds. Incredible.

Thanks again to Jouni Tikkanen of Suomen Luonto magazine for supplying the information.

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