Double-Barred Minor


A rare Barred Warbler…on the birdtable!


You could say it was showing well!


Our second bird of the day trapped and ringed

Tuesday 25th October comments: Migration appears to be slowing up on the Isle of May as the majority of summer migrants have now departed south whilst winter Thrush numbers have slowed…for the time being.

However nature can always surprise and today the island produced two Barred Warblers. These large robust warblers breed in continental Europe and with easterly winds can be found up and down the east coast of the UK. Today the island produced two (our 3rd and 4th of the year).

Interestingly whilst we were ringing one, a second bird was discovered feeding on the bird table (on apples) outside the house; not every day you see a rarity in your back garden! As the wind switches direction we may now see an end to bird migration through the island, but then again anything can happen…

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