A Long Tail to Tell


One of four Long-tailed Tits on the island


First records since 2011 of Long-tailed Tit

Wednesday 26th October comments: Just as we thought migration was slowly coming to a close, we had these; four Long-tailed Tits! Now for those thinking it’s not that special as you get them in your back garden; remember we are an island in the North Sea!

The general rule of thumb is that if it’s a woodland bird it’s probably going to be rare out here. The last Great Spotted Woodpecker was in 2013, the last Blue Tit record was in 2005 and the last Magpie was 1986!! And just think we’ve never ever had a Nuthatch or a Jay. So the next time you look at your bird-table, just remember how rare those birds are and enjoy!

The four Long-tailed Tits were discovered late afternoon and represented the first island record since 2011. The birds showed well and often called before eventually going to roost in the bushes near the Bird Observatory. It just shows, the autumn isn’t over yet. What’s next? Coal Tit anyone?

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