All welcome, door open…


A female/immature Merlin


…with a Goldcrest on a fire alarm


Successfully caught and released safely

Thursday 27th October comments: The Isle of May attracts all sorts of migratory birds at this time of year from Blackbirds to Robins and everything in between. However all these arrivals also attract predators and in recent weeks we’ve had resident Peregrine, Merlin and Kestrel with the occasional Sparrowhawk moving through and keeping everything on their toes.

One of those moments came yesterday when a flash of brown revealed itself as a Merlin in hot pursuit of its next meal…a dinky Goldcrest!  The raptor was in full pursuit but the clever (or desperate?) Goldcrest had other ideas…it shot into the open door of my house! Merlin’s are quick and ruthless but even this bird was not going to risk following the plucky Goldcrest.

Moments later there was the grateful Goldcrest balancing on the fire alarm system and  it was soon caught by a more friendly hand before being released successfully, well away from the Merlin to live another day. Its impressive how wildlife adapts to man and on this occasion, the Goldcrest was very thankful for an open door!

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