May Change


Another day another new born


All change…the jetty has become a Seal colony!


Scattered  across the May

Friday 28th October comments: Although the island is closed to the visitors it is very much open for Grey Seals. The seabirds have long departed, migratory birds have all but moved through but the Grey Seal colonies are just starting to increase.

We now have over 200 pups born across the island and the main nurseries are starting to get busy. The number of pups born is increasing daily and soon some of the main roads and pathways on the island will be impassable due to the shear number of cows and pups. The bulls have also arrived in good numbers which makes it a very interesting time on the Isle of May.

As for us, we’re getting on with life as ‘normal’ (as normal as life is on an island covered in Seals) whilst the Seal team go about their daily observational work in the Seal colonies. Its still all go on the May as November approaches.

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