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Stunning! Three Shorelarks graced the island today


First Shorelarks on the island since 2010


Two of the three which arrived today

Monday 31st October comments: We keep saying it but it keeps producing; this year has been phenomenal for migrant birds as we’ve recorded an impressive (and record breaking) 176 species. I should say ‘we have’ because today we added another one to that ever increasing tally.

Following an east coast influx, today the island produced three stunning Shorelarks. These striking birds which breed in mountainous northern Europe (the bird’s scientific name translates to ‘of the high mountains’) arrived mid-morning and were seen feeding by the Byers buildings on the island.

The stunning birds which have a striking black and yellow face pattern occasional erupt with influxes down the east coast of the UK and in recent weeks a good number have been recorded. Although we did wonder if we would get one, it was still a great surprise (and delight!) that we did and these are the first on the island since 2010.

Two birds were discovered flying over and then seen feeding on the ground and these were later joined by a third individual. We wouldn’t be surprised if we got more so if you are on the east coast; just keep those eyes peeled, the Lark of the Shore maybe just around the corner…

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