The island of Seals…


One of may Grey Seal pups now on the Isle of May


A pup at just 21 days of age; moulted into its ‘second’ coat


A very watchful Grey Seal mum


…and a Bull seal not far away…

Friday 4th November comments: Its seal time. We are now embedded into Seal season as the island has literally been taken over by Grey Seals. Many of the walkways and roads are now festooned with mothers and pups as the Seal season continues to progress (it’ll peak in mid-November).

Island living is certainly much more interesting as the Seal team go about their daily research (more on their work soon) and we have to ensure disturbance is kept to a complete minimum.

As for the Grey Seals themselves, we’re starting to get a few ‘second coat’ pups; the coat the pups moult into at about 20 days of age as they reach independence (yes independent at just 20 days of age!) whilst more and more new born are discovered across the colony. It’s also starting to heat up with the adults as the Bull seals are here and size does matter; bigger the better as the bulls will fight to protect harems of cows…this place just got interesting…

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