Island Life

Monday 7th November comments: Island life is not for the faint-hearted. When things go well, they go well. However when things go bad, you just have to accept them. During the summer months the fine weather, daily visitor boat sailings and general day-to-day life is well regimented and easy going (to a certain point!). But then comes the autumn…

Island life is about being prepared as best laid plans can be scuppered within minutes as the weather turns and the working day changes in an instant. Having flexibility and understanding is a key element to island living and in recent days this has proven to be the case as we’ve being attempting to get one team off and another on.

The easterly winds over the weekend have resulted in heavy seas with no boats being able to sail since Friday. Thankfully good planning and plenty of supplies ensures life goes on as normal (as normal as life can be on an island) and hopefully we’ll be sorted again soon (as soon as we’ve negotiated getting around the seals on the main roads on the isle!). Who said life was dull?

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