Battle grounds


Two females having a dispute


Huge Bull seals now present in good numbers


Fighting leaves it mark…


However life goes on

Sunday 13th November comments: Grey Seal colonies are delightful, tranquil places…or maybe not. At this time of year there is a lot going on as seal colonies are active, noisy smelly places but they are also battle grounds…


Cow seals will protect their pup with aggressive gestures and if needed strong action (including biting) against intruders regardless of size or shape (hence why we ask people to stay well clear of Grey Seals at this time of year). Even bull seals can feel the wrath from a female if he strays too close.

As for the bulls, its a tough life as they are built to defend an area against rival bulls and occasional brutal fights can break out but generally one bull will stand down before conflict erupts. And all of this happens whilst the pups are oblivious and are just sleeping and feeding. However they’ve got it all to come…life of a Grey Seal…

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