Changing Times


Seal pups still being born across the colonies


Feeding on the rich fatty milk


Cow seal taking some time out

Saturday 19th November comments: The seal season continues to ebb and flow as heavily pregnant females continue to arrive to pup on the island whilst others are already leaving having done the job for another year.


Once pups are weaned, females will mate (but delay implantation) before heading to sea to put on valuable weight they lost during the lactation period (in some examples up to half her body weight!) Its a cycle which will repeat itself over the course of the autumn until mid-December when the last of the pups will be born.

Then it’ll be all change again as the May will become almost dormant as nothing will stir not even a mouse (which is not really true as the island supports a small number of overwintering birds, rabbits and mice). But we’ll be quiet for a few months before the seabirds start returning and then we go again…

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